KeramiekMarc, CeramicMarc Amsterdam

About me

I started making ceramic objects and objects without having taken any particular course. I came into contact with a piece of clay somewhere in a studio and then the passion arose to start modeling myself. My methods for working with clay are: modelling, making hand molds and printing moulds. I don't use a rotary wheel. I've always had a fascination with the natural process of time on things. The unique and beautiful characters and colors that arise from age and the inherent relationship between strength and vulnerability.

For me, ceramics is a fascinating form of creative expression.
Transforming a piece of clay into an image or object through the power of the inner imagination and through love. Clay has the ability to form countless shapes and working with it gives a lot of physical pleasure.

Clay comes from the earth, we are made of dust and return to dust and back to the earth. For me, clay is the most special raw material to form ceramic objects such as art objects and crockery.

The fire converts clay into a ceramic product of refined stone. Ceramics for me is to combine spirituality and art with science and craftsmanship. The result is unique handmade ceramic objects and objects.

The ceramist/artist starts with an idea and is the master of the entire technical process to the final product. It gives great satisfaction when you open the oven after baking and see the results.

I want my objects to be a pleasure to hold, to press on your cheek and to generate good energy. Each piece is one-off, unique to enjoy.
Ceramic art is currently in the spotlight and offers great prospects for the future.